Montmorillonite Clay

Clay Packs for Migraines & Headaches

We had a class on clay packs during our time at the Gerson Clinic in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. Calcium Montmorillonite clay (bentonite clay) is the preferred choice of healing clay due to its purity; it comes from the Montmorillon region in France. My brother Jake rece read more

The 4 Migraine Phases: Understand This to Help Prevent & Treat Your Migraines

Migraine is a neurological disorder, a disease that in most instances occurs because people with migraines have a highly sensitive nervous system, according to the book, Managing Migraine. People who have migraines are born with a nervous system that processes informati read more


How I Ended My Hormonal Migraines Naturally

If you’re a woman and have migraines, this article may be of interest to you. During the duration of my chronic migraines, I would say the hormonal migraines were the worst. They seemed to be the ones I couldn’t prevent – unlike dietary and lifestyle t read more