How Migraine Medications Fueled my Chronic Pain

Imitrex Hydrocodone Toradol Tylenol Zofran Xanax Doxepin Maxalt Relpax Amerge Indocomethacin Pamelor Topamax Cymbalta Depakote Neurontin Amitriptyline Axert Nortriptyline Elavil Vicodin Frova Inderal Zonisamide Dihydroergotamine Botox Primrose oil Migralief Feverfew Mag read more


Migraines & Food Triggers: Is There Any Hope?

I have an exhausting list of migraine food triggers. It took me years of suffering to discover them. I’ve had to peel back all of the layers contributing to my chronic migraines – hormonal, nutritional, toxicities, lifestyle, emotional, spiritual – to truly nail down ho read more


How I Ended My Hormonal Migraines Naturally

If you’re a woman and have migraines, this article may be of interest to you. During the duration of my chronic migraines, I would say the hormonal migraines were the worst. They seemed to be the ones I couldn’t prevent – unlike dietary and lifestyle t read more

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The First Step in Healing Your Migraines: Heal Your Gut

I have discovered that one of the most powerful healing tools at my disposal is food and nutrition. It wasn’t until I started changing my diet that I realized how impacted I was by what I ate. I have used food to aid in healing my chronic migraines, controlling my read more